Bukedea K.I.D.S.

The Bukedea K.I.D.S. Rescue Unit — Bukedea Kids is our “farthest-out” unit. Located some 70 miles from Kenya, but north of Iganga, it is every bit a 4 hour drive from Jinja where our in-country National Director resides. At least monthly, all of our facilitators must travel to that location to deliver weekly reports, balance monthly expenditures, and receive funding to pay for school fees and materials, requisite meds,  (for example malaria, typhoid etc), food, clothing, shelter and other life-enhancing supplies for both orphan and care giver. 
All but one of our Rescue Units is without electrical power, so any needs for lighting, cell phone charging or other power requirements are gotten from either limited solar cells or, “done without”. Because most units are located essentially on the equator, sunrise and sunset are both consistent and predictable.  Consequently, any kinds of outside chores requiring lights (like feeding chickens or goats or pigs (If that unit in fact has them) are done with candles or small kerosene lanterns. Small solar Luci-Lights continue to be a priority need for most of our orphans in this area, since both candles and kerosene represent no small expense. Average family daily income for Uganda is around $1.00 per day.

News and Immediate Needs

Bukedea Rescue Unit needs a large black holding tank to store water. Installed with tank — $800.


  • God’s protection over our lives and property since there is insecurity and theft in the place.
  • knowledge, wisdom and understanding.
  • salvation of guardians, children and our relatives.
  • Good health for prince.

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Charles & Rebecca

The Bukedea Staff

Charles and Rebecca

Photos from Bukedea

The Bukedea District is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda. The town of Bukedea is the site of the district headquarters. The population of the Bukedea District is approximately 186,000.

The town of Bukedea is situated on the main highway (A-109) between Mbale and Soroti. It is approximately 80 kilometres (50 mi), by road, southeast of Soroti, the largest city in Teso sub-region. This is approximately 250 kilometres (160 mi), by road, northeast of Kampala, the capital of Uganda and its largest city.


We great you people / brethrens in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, thank you for the work, support and effort rendered to us particularly the Uganda children to enable them attain education and obtain a good future.


Since all schools have started their term II, we managed to visit 6 schools like Kokutu P/s, Akuoro P/s, Glory P/s, El-shaddai, Good hope and Divine Mercy. This time around, schools are very busy doing beginning of term but the administrations are glad with KIDs co-operation and promise to stand with us via academics is concerned.

This is very week; we managed to give out 7 pieces of reading glasses to the people within the community.

On 2nd, we managed to conduct a weekend camp. The turn up was not all that good due to the heavy rains which poured almost the whole day.

We registered only 50 children who attended the camp classes that were conducted, some doing the clearing of the compound, then after we had our meal at 4:00 pm due to the lack of a kitchen and also the rain was much that could not let the cooking go on well. We then let them go back to their homes.

We are expecting the guardians meeting at the end of next week and we believe for good health and weather. On the 5th Charles travelled to Iganga for the monthly budget as we received the information earlier on. He had enough time with the students of Sunshine since he spent the night, he also paid some school fees as the school was also demanding for it. He also prayed, encouraged and consoled them and on 6th he travelled back to Bukedea.

By Gods grace, this week we managed to visit some homes (10) in the villages of Akuoro, Aputiputi, Akero and Gwaramoti. During these visits we have been able to meet both the children and their parents (guardians ) and lots of things have been, shared.

We encouraged parents to send their children to school every day in order to meet their goal of having better results.

We also encouraged them to utilize these rains and at least put something down to enable them have some food in the time to come.

We also encouraged the children to have respect for people as the Bible says “Honor your mother………..”.

We encouraged them to fear God as the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Later we prayed with them and we had to come back home.

Health wise, we registered 4 children who had flue and cough, they were all treated and they are now busy with school as we talk now.

Since its raining, we are planting some trees which will give us shade, fruit and as well as wind breakers.


Amazingly, this week we managed to visit 15 homes in the villages of Kokutu, Okombi, Oupei, Okikira and Kamon. They were all amazed to see us and our visits always encourage them. People are now having fresh maize, beans, millet, and sorghum. At least now they can have two meals a day due to better yields and we glorify God. We had enough time with them and for sure now there is a great improvement in terms of hygiene and have enough food.

On 9th, we held a guardians meeting and indeed the turn out was very amazing (64) and even the weather was a wholesome. During this meeting, lots of things were discussed concerning the well being of the children and the projects development.

They agreed to work hand in hand with the project to see that all children go to school such that they have a good future.

We encouraged them to take care of the children since the place is not that stable, KIDNAPPERS are rampant and we don’t want to lose these future generations.

We still encouraged them to train their children how to work and have respect for people.

We also invited some people from plan international working with children departments. They taught parents on parenting and indeed the classes were so educative since we are also parents as well.

Parents were also appreciative with KIDS Uganda is doing their lives and the entire community later on we had our lunch together and they left.

We also conducted a camp on 10th. Since it was an afternoon session, children from far didn’t turn up, we had (68) children who turned, we had enough time with them (1.5pm), we had Bible teachings, we majored in Bible quiz and the best team won a gift and hope to continue with this to enable them to read the Bible and analyses it properly. We shared a cup of porridge and they left home and we thank God they all reached well because these days it’s not easy with KIDNAPPERS.

This week, we also started plastering of the main house (external),the work looks good and we believe by next week the work will be complete.

The place is cool which is enabling the crops to grow well and we are busy planting potatoes which will help us in the next 4 months.

By Gods grace, we managed to visit some schools to check on the children and pay some school fees for term 1.These included Bukedea technical, Bukedea life, and Good hope. These administrations were so glad and appreciative and we told them to hold on until next month so that we can clear everything to zero balance. The children and teachers are busy with lesions seriously and they are expected to start midterm in two weeks time.

Addition to that, we also visited other schools like Glory, Eliza and Janet to allow our children to be in class and promised to pay as soon as we get the money.

Furthermore, we also visited the Butiru girls who needed money for registration since this the term; for them to register for final exams of next term which will lead them to attain certificates. We thank God because we completed everything for this term, waiting for only next term which is their last year.

On the side health, we registered 2 cases of flue and cough, they were all treated and per now they are all fine.

We also repaired our bicycles which have been poor condition and they help us to fetch water during the construction processes.

We also gave out 6 pieces of reading glasses to some people within the community.


This week, we received 6 people who came to the unit seeking for the registration of their children.

We completed the plastering of the house and for sure the place looks like London if you see the house you give God the glory as the bible says from glory to glory but indeed Bukedea kids house is really so attractive and you are all welcome to see what God is doing in this place.

In this week, we have been so prevailed to more around schools (4) as God has enabled us. We visited Kokutu primary school, Akero p/s, Suula p/s and Akuoro p/s indeed the children are doing well as we checked their performance of beginning of term and we pray that they continue with the hard working spirit, this has come due to the result of the best performers award which we introduced last term.

We also had enough time with teachers and they promised to help us as far as academics is concerned.

This very week, we also purchased the mattresses (20) to make a total of 200 now, we believe by October we shall complete 66 mattresses remaining and that’s when we shall give them out.

We also gave out 4 pieces of reading glasses to some people. These people are so happy to get them at no cost. The glasses have led 3 people to salvation and we pray that they become more strong.

Actually, we also carried out home visits (10) in the villages of Suula, Aloet, Okolimeri and Okobwa.

Parents are very busy with garden work i.e harvesting and others preparing their gardens for the next season. We thank God for this season because at least people have what to eat. We are encouraging them to plant as much as they can such that with time to come they will have what’s needed to eat.

We also encouraged them to train their children when they are still young as the Bible says.

Health wise, we registered seven cases of children who had cough, flu, wounds and we treated them all with our first aid kit and we give God the glory.

On the 23rd,we conducted a weekend camp. We registered 88 children who attended since most of them are in school during this camp, lots of things were done, children slashed the compound, classes were conducted and out of this 6 children gave their lives to God. Our prayer is that they stand strong in salvation as we keep on monitoring and mentoring them.

We had lunch and later we sent them home to go and meet there guardians


We thank god who protected as through this week as we moved in villages of Akuoro, Oupei, Akuyuko and Aputi puti. People are busy utilizing this time when it is still raining. They are busy clearing gardens for the second seasons and harvesting other crops which they planted earlier. This is a great improvement in terms of food. Per now people have what to eat though it’s not much.

This week, we also planted some trees which enable us in future to have shade and even fruits for both sell and eats.

As it is raining, we have also planted cabbages and they look nice and we believe they will do well.

We have also managed to visit some four schools of Akuworo Primary School, Kokutu Primary School, El-Shaddai Primary School and Akero Primary School. This schools are busy with midterm exams. We had a chance to check on the beginning of term results and there is a slight improvement in performance. The teachers why that happen and some reasons they gave included;

  • Children had just come from villages and during their time in the villages, they don’t revise books.
  • Some children cannot read and interpret the questions .

    All in all they promised that in these midterm there will be more improvement

On the 26th, we had the executive meeting with the guardian we appointed. The major aim was to see how develop air projects. Academically, spiritually and economically. They promised to work as a team to see that Bukedea KIDS is on the map aiming at producing spiritually empowered citizens in future.

On the side of health, we register children who had cough; chicken pox, measles and headaches. They were treated from the project and they are all fine at school.

This week on the 30th , we also conduct the weekend camp. They were 78 children who attend and the weather was also good. Lots of things were done like games, memorizing and managing money. During this camp we also introduced groups of 6 to enable each child to participate in any function which takes place. We have appointed leaders among themselves and gifts will be always given to be responsible for each member from their groups and we believe this will avoid absenteeism and late coming.

After some work we had to let them play as we were watching from a distance and they were very happy always enjoy.

We also checked on our girls who is in tailoring and hope by the end of 6 months she will be protected.

We also received some people seeking for the registration of their children with the project.

Sincerely we thank River Valley Church together for the mega work you do. Thanks for your prayers encouragement and efforts towards everybody in Uganda.

We say big up and may God bless you.


  1. Good health in our families.
  2. God’s protection over our country Uganda.
  3. Provision of wisdom knowledge and understanding for both children and we facilitators.