SonShine School

K.I.D.S. in Uganda have a New School!

River Valley Community Church has been given the great opportunity to revive a school in Uganda. Through much prayer, the K.I.D.S. in Uganda staff decided to take on this task. 

Check out the pictures below to see the progress that is being made at SonShine Christian School!



1.0 Introduction
The 2017 school calendar year officially ended on Friday, 8th/12/2017. It has been such a great year for me, and I would like to submit for your study my end of year head teacher’s report.

1.1 Greetings and Appreciation
With great pleasure, I greet you in the Mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ who has enabled us to successfully complete the year 2017. My hearty gratitude goes to my highly esteemed school directors, Tom and Collins, KIDS-UGANDA and River Valley Church for the enormous support throughout the year. I cannot thank you enough!

In a personal and special way, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Collin for the amazing and constant support-supervision and wise counsel in the execution of my duly assigned duties as headteacher. Also, special thanks go to Mr Tom Criswell for the tireless and selfless work that has tremendously brought about the incredible success that we pose for this year. Please, convey my gratitude to Mr. Seba and the entire team for supporting the university education of our students.

1.3 Spiritual Growth
We thank God who has allowed us to extend his Word to both teachers and students; I am pleased to report that by God’s grace, a good number of teachers and students accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior: on the side of the teachers, Mr. Balodha Nicholas accepted the Lord, and so did Nalwada Bridget on the students’ side. This year we were able to take our students out and preach the word to the community: a crusade was held at Bunalwenyi, remember the photos I sent you. Our teachers have been ministering for the last Sunday of the every month, and I firmly believe that this will greatly impact both learners’ and teachers’ spiritual growth.

In regard to spiritual growth and preaching of the gospel, we are greatly thankful to Koboko KIDS who donated 100 bibles to us. This has really energized us spiritually. May God bless them abundantly!

Teachers have always held Christian fellowships every Tuesdays and Thursday of every week at 1:30pm. Students have been actively participated in both morning and evening devotions on a daily basis. I firmly believe this will be pivotal in our noble pursuit of nurturing a whole child: body, mind and spirit.

The scripture union staff have, on many occasions, brought different pastors to teach us the word.

Music concert was yet another event in the spiritual transformation that the scripture team did this year to spread the word: different schools were invited and the word taught.

The challenge on spirit side encountered were some students who were ‘tortured’ by demons especially Nalwada Bridget and Patience. The space was also a challenge, but thanks to Mr. Tom Criswell, Mr. Collins and the entire team, a bigger hall is now under construction. The need for more microphones when singing and a bigger public address system was realized.

1.4 Academics
The school calendar year, 2017 has been a remarkable year for SonShine Christian High School, Bunalwenyi as far the pursuit for academic excellence is concerned. Our goal was effective teaching and learning, and I am pleased to report to you that we registered great improvement in performance: our students emerged the best in the Science Project Exhibition where they made sanitary pads and brought home a trophy for Iganga district. Every time I look at the trophy for the best poem in Iganga district, I feel not only excited, but also reminded of God’s love for our school, and the blessings He has continued to shower us with! We would not have registered such achievements without your unrivalled support, and as a school, we would like to say, “Thank you”!

I also thank God for enabling us to come up with feasible strategies that made us realize some of our aspirations. They, among others include:

  • Continuous Assessment (testing), especially, administering topical tests
  • Setting standard examinations right from S.3, 4, 5 and S.6
  • Teacher-guided discussions
  • Re-tooling of teachers/ refreshment/reminders
  • Seminars for candidates, both internal and external
  • Weekly tests
  • Frequently talking to teachers about their roles and duties assigned
  • Setting academic targets with feasible strategies
  • Consultation forms to improve on teachers’ identification of both weak and strong areas for some students.
  • Timely syllabus-coverage and remedial teaching
  • Having a full school programme and timetable for the term/year
  • Making of rat cage and rearing of rats for Biology practicals.
  • Teamwork and co-teaching
  • Revision of the previously done UNEB (past) papers
  • Encouraging teachers to be more practical when delivering the science content
  • Continuous follow-up of both the learners and the teachers by administration
  • Implementation of our school policy manual. Thanks to Seba, the tool has made us more systematic and organized

I am very grateful to Tom and the team for the academic support in procurement and acquisition of textbooks, laboratory chemicals and computers. These made both our learners and teachers more enthusiastic about the teaching-learning process.

Seba, supporting university education has brought about much focus and determination among learners.

In general, academics have run very smoothly this year, 2017. However, we need more space to serve as Art room, S.5 Science class, S6 class and a store for tools (brooms, brushes and slashers). Therefore, we need at least four more classroom blocks for us to smoothly strengthen academics in the school.

The science wing has chemicals as consumables; I thank Tom and team for the support to enable us get chemicals. We used them and we have registered improvement in academics. It is my humble request that they do the same even next year.

We got some books, but some other basics were not got: we are very happy for those got and I request if another chance is available, we will always be ready to receive them, especially “Advanced Level Chemistry” by Ramsden, “Functional Approach to Biology” by M.B.V. Roberts and “Advanced Level Physics” by Nelkon and Packers.

1.5 Sports
I am also happy to report that the Lord has blessed us with lots of sports success: we have been among the best sports teams in Iganga district. Specifically, we represented the district at the National Chess Championship; we were among the four schools recognized for good performance in girls football and awarded a ball and branded T-shirts by Coca Cola Uganda Ltd; we competed well in all games and sports this year.

Our sports spirit ran throughout the year: we held Inter-class Competitions in all games and sports; the friendly matches between teaching-staff and students, a game that improved on students openness to their teachers; and inter-house competitions were the best house (zebra) was given a trophy and a goat. These games and sports have helped us a lot in improving on learners’ self-confidence, expression and relating with others.

The games and sports department continues to flourish, and we are very indebted to you, Mr Director, for everything that you have done for us: chess board, balls, transport, et cetera. We are really grateful! My humble request, however, is that if resources allow, we get another football uniform to add on the one you gave us since we have girls and boys (both) playing football. Whatever the boys’ football team requires is what the girls’ football team would require as well.

1.6 Capacity-building and Workshops
Thank you sir for the financial support rendered towards capacity building and publicity.

We had a teachers’ capacity-building workshop that was facilitated by Mr. Michael who reminded and guided us more on effective and efficient teaching. One more soul also taught teachers how to seek God. The Language Department had a workshop (National English Language Teachers’ Conference) at Makerere university.

1.7 Conclusion
On behalf of the entire school community, and on my own behalf, I would like to express my hearty gratitude for all the support rendered to us throughout the whole year, 2017. We hope that you would support us even more in the next school calendar year, 2018!

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year, 2018!

Yours in service

Isabirye Elliot.
(Head teacher).