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The Namutumba K.I.D.S. Rescue Unit — The village of Namutumba is located very near the major highway between Iganga and Mbale (hum the “m” and add the word ballet… in the dance, and you’re close to the right pronunciation). It is considered one of the major roadways in Uganda, passing only some 5 miles or so from the western border of Kenya. It is heavily used for both national and international trade between Kenya, and Somalia with Uganda. Being a “land-locked” country, Uganda must rely significantly on transportation of goods coming into various ports of these two close by neighbors. Consequently, though not a particularly large community, Namatumba does get some benefit from such a busy highway. Highway, as perhaps visualized from the U.S. perspective may be a stretch. It is a fairly well paved road that is often under construction because of extreme use coupled with seasons of torrential rain. 
Small markets along the roadway offer produce and various other goods for sale to the surrounding villages; residents near several of our Rescue Units must bike or motor cycle their products many kilometers to suitable marketplaces. In some regions, transportation of goods add significantly to cost; being close to a major transportation system make prices more competitive  and therefore more affordable. However, this region is also very susceptible to recent weather patterns unfavorable to the growing seasons. Food shortages throughout northern and eastern regions of Uganda are becoming common place because of the current  severe drought. Resident in this part of Uganda (end especially those less able to fare for themselves……… orphans), will continue to experience incredibly difficult times ahead.

News and Immediate Needs

Namutumba Rescue Unit needs a Granary built — $700.

“We did rehabilitation of our poultry house as we want to start rearing them in doors because at free range, they have been facing a lot of problems ranging from sickness (epidemics), thieves and wild animals and birds which encroach on them. We finished it and now they are now in doors.”

“We had a lively class and the kids really enjoyed the was about Truth and we had other bible references. When we asked some questions orally, most of the kids were able to reply and they also asked some questions which we answered. After the class, we gave out some of the items we had prepared. Some kids got bed sheets, nickers and jelly. All kids got books and soap. They went back very happy and we thank God for that.
We are okay and all our children are also doing well.”

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Christopher & Irene Betto

The Namutumba Staff

 Christopher and Irene Betto

Photos from Namutumba

Namutumba District, sometimes referred to as Busiki District is a district in Eastern Uganda. It’s named after its ‘chief town’, Namutumba, where the district headquarters are located.

It is estimated that the population of Namutumba District in 2012 was approximately 218,900.

Subsistence agriculture and animal husbandry are the two main economic activities in the district. The products grown include rice, groundnuts, sorghum, millet and cassava.


The month has been dry throughout. It began when we had a very tight schedule. One of the guardians and also a church member was organizing a wedding ceremony. We had to be fully involved because he is the assistant pastor in one of our churches (the uncle to Nantamba and Nayebale Jovanis)

Thanks be to KIDS Uganga for the support to our kids this month we were able to purchase 50kg rice, 2 bags of maize 40 kgs beans and 4 kgs meat in preparation for Christmas because it has already started and also for the annual end of the year celebrations with the Kids.

We had one camp this month on the day of celebration. We had 36 girls and 12 boys and we prepared a meal with them which they enjoyed so much we also had some fun blowing balloons and then enjoyed watching a film on Jesus’ life.

We wish a happy new year to every member of KIDS Uganda let every step they take be a blessed as the year moves on.

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