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You may also choose to make general contributions to support staff salary or ongoing overhead expenses.

There are often one-time needs and special projects which will be announced on this web-site. For needs of the Rescue Units, see the individual Rescue Unit pages.

None of your contributions will go to stateside administrative expenses, as these are borne by River Valley Community Church of Grants Pass, Oregon. Your support contributions will be used only for supported orphans with no percentage taken off the top for US administrative costs.

Donation Explanations:

TEXTBOOK DONATIONS: to be kept at main bases for students to come and read to help them learn what the teachers neglect to teach in class. Students in all of the schools where our orphans are educated have no access to any textbooks. They write down what the teacher writes on the blackboard in class. Books are needed for Primary 1 to Secondary 4.

One set of 10 books for a class level — $10

GOAT DONATIONS: to be given to individual orphans to give them away to earn money. We will give a female goat to an orphan to raise. The goat will give birth to one or two kids, multiplying the gift. One kid is given back to K.I.D.S. in Uganda to give to another orphan, and the other one is theirs to keep.

One female goat — $20

Chickens or ducks (one pair) — $12

BIBLE DONATIONS: to be given to individual orphans. Our desire is for each orphan to have a bible of their own to read and study. This can lead to their salvation, and growth after making a commitment to the Lord. We need approximately 1,200 bibles to provide bibles for all of the orphans.

One Bible — $5

TREADLE SEWING MACHINE DONATIONS: Many orphans need technical training to learn skills to support themselves (and/or family) as they finish school. Tailoring is a skill that can be used to make school uniforms and clothes for people to purchase, as well as repairing torn clothes. After technical training, each orphan must have a machine to use.

One treadle sewing machine — $100

TECHNICAL TRAINING DONATIONS: Technical training is available through formal schools or by individuals, depending on the course desired. Courses range from auto mechanics to hairdressing. Orphans growing up in villages all need skills to help them become responsible adults who can support a family and pay school fees for their children. Costs vary for the various courses, so this is an average cost for a one-year training course.

Technical school (one year) — $150

SCHOOL SHOES / BACKPACK DONATIONS: Very few orphans can afford either of these necessities. Most of them walk several miles to school through rough terrain, and the cheap plastic shoes they can afford wear out very quickly. Eventually they go barefoot to school. There are good quality shoes available to buy. Backpacks help keep kids’ school books dry and clean as they walk to and from school. Used ones are available to buy.

School shoes — $5

Backpack — $5

SOLAR SYSTEM (FOR KOBOKO BASE) DONATION: The five-acre parcel of land which makes up the Koboko K.I.D.S base, which has offices and other buildings, and no security lights. A simple solar system can be purchased to provide several lights.

Solar Security System — $100

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