Luuka K.I.D.S.


The Luuka K.I.D.S. Rescue Unit —  Luuka District is bordered by Buyende District in the north, Kaliro District to the northeast, Iganga District to the southeast, Jinja District to the southwest and Kamuli District to the northwest. Our unit there is located approximately 33 kilometres (21 mi), by road, northwest of Iganga, the nearest large town. One could say Luuka is at the center of just about everything we do in Southeastern Uganda. It is supervised by Martin and Faith and their 3 children. You may be wondering why the 6 Rescue Units we manage are so far apart and why we don’t concentrate in one particular area which would doubtless make much of the work more efficient. The answer is really more strategic than perhaps thought.
While there are likely enough orphans in any given centralized region to care for some 1,000 plus, (each unit extends orphan sponsorship over a 100 square mile region; the 5 units in Southeast Uganda extends its influence over some 500 square miles). But, reaching into some areas a bit more than 5 miles from each unit…(especially with a school that has some students walking 10+ miles a day each way), and by connecting the outlying units in a semi-square pattern, we really have access and influence over some 3,000 square miles. In Matthew 28, Jesus commands his followers (then and now) to “go into ALL the world and make disciples of the nations”. Spreading our units apart strategically expands the influence of our students, our orphans and our unit facilitators. Our task is clear; make disciples of the nations, teaching them to do as Jesus himself commanded. Our priority is to provide education opportunities, and to care for orphans and widows as if they were our own children and parents. By actively serving the nation of Uganda, we earn the respect and right to proclaim the gospel message in both word and deed.

News and Immediate Needs

Luuka Rescue Unit needs a shelter to be built for the kids — $500.

“We visited four homes and good enough we that all were doing well and were so appreciative for what KIDS had done for them like in educating their children, giving them medicine, clothing’s and so on however the only challenge they have is of the weather since it shinning too much and most of the crops which of the crops which planted are now weathering.”

“We have been able to held two meetings for our kids where we gave sanitary pads for girls, pant for boys, 5 blankets, jelly, soap and 34 families got solar lights and they were so grateful for services rendered to them by River Valley Community Church.”

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Martin & Faith

The Luuka Staff

Martin and Faith

Photos from Luuka

Luuka District is a district in Eastern Uganda.

Luuka District was created by Act of Parliament and became functional on 1 July 2010.  Prior to then, the district was Luuka County in Iganga District. In Kisoga tradition, Luuka is one of the five traditional principalities of the Kingdom of Busoga. According to legend, Luuka was founded around 1737 A.D. and became a part of the British protectorate in Busoga in 1896 A.D. Its traditional ruler is known as the Tabingwa.

In 2012, the district population was estimated at about 260,900.





We had been conducting home visits and we visited eight families some families were doing very well like that of Innocent Mugweri’s home. His mother had been down for a long period of time both her legs had swollen and her condition was not so good, but now she is doing well and appreciating God for all your support. And then in Kyakuwaire Lydia’s family. There is one member in that family Kantono who has a problem concerning her living organs, her kidneys have expanded and also her heart has a swellings the Doctor said that her heart is surrounded by water and her condition is not good at all.


This week we received eight cases of sick people and most of them have been suffering from malaria and serious cough and we gave them medicine hopping that they will be fine. Then Muton Peace she was admitted at Ikumbya Health Centre III, due to the fact that she had malaria which resulted into diarrhea and vomiting and she is still down under medical treatment.

And these cases which we reported to you in our previous reports concerning sick people most of them they are doing well and appreciating God for their health.


We have been visiting schools, clearing fees balances which they were demanding from them, and we have cleared all the twenty five (25) schools, by this I mean we have come to zero balance.


This week we have received ninety five (95) children who came just and brought their report cards and appreciating for all the support of which each one has received. So we spent the day while sharing the challenges which they go through and their testimonies which the Lord has done for them.

And we prepared lunch for them, and after which we got enough time to pray and we are praying for you, wherever you are.



In the course of this second week we received twenty three (23) cases of sick people, six of them had been suffering from skin diseases, two kids where having wounds these are; Mwebya John and Matege Andrew, then the rest were suffering from malaria and cough but all of them were provided with treatment

Reading glasses

We received ten (10) people coming for reading glasses but unfortunately only four (4) of them got, the rest did not get according to their sight so at this point we are requesting you for more reading glasses if the Lord provides.


We planted 6kgs of soya beans and we have harvested (170) one hundred seventy kilograms of soya beans and that small garden we used our own money got from the ministry and we are going to share it with especially those who want to plant are going to be given seeds.

Therefore, we are requesting for more funds in agriculture next year 2018.

Two piglets

Last year 2016 we gave out seven piglets to seven kids, three of them died and again two of which were almost giving birth to the young ones also they died this week.

Visiting Families

We had been also conducting home visits and we were able to reach twelve homes of which some of them were doing well and others not well due to the fact that some were sick and starving and we bought some food and distributed in those families.

And some families had issues with their children like Kevin Batwale’s grand daddy, he was complaining about Kevin that he is becoming a rebellious child good enough the boy was around so we asked him everything his grand daddy was reporting to us and he accepted and promising to change and this child he is going to primary four or grade IV in 2018.


Kantono Miria of 14 years of age had been in grade V at Ikumbya primary school and she did all her final examination papers but on the day of getting report cards for her after receiving her report card, she did not turn back home and after three days her grand mother reported this case to us and we took our responsibility on behalf of the organization to report to the LC.I council and the police post at Ikumbya and up to now we are still searching for her.

Weekend Programme

As it is our policy to close the year with all our children as we celebrate Christmas, this time we were not prepared for the Christmas party so we took it as a normal weekend programme and we were very grateful to God for the turn up of OVCs who attended our programme because we received one hundred thirty (130) OVCs at the base, only twenty three (23) did not show up, but we prepared a nice meal and after lunch we gave them clothes , soap, jelly and tooth paste plus tooth brush.


In this course of the week we received twenty two (22) cases of sick people both children and guardians , we had five guardians and they were suffering from different cases of sickness, ulcers, joint pain, malaria and Muzey Bantu Dabson had a running stomach but we tried our level best to provide them with medicine.

And the rest of the children were suffering from malaria, cough, eye problem and skin problem but all of them were given medicine and we are hoping that all will be fine.



There was a youth camp at sunshine Christian High School which started from 17th -23rd Dec 2017 and as Luuka Kids we took six (6) youths who participated in that camp and they learnt so many things.

Among the youths whom we took, there was a boy called Mugaya Joel , he sat for PLE last year 2017 but he has been a very rebellious child to his mother and does not want to work having a bad attitude towards everything his mother tells him to do. But we thank God for that youth camp, because Joel came back changed, he loves his mother and he obeys her and works together and were are very grateful for his life.


We had been carrying on counseling to both our guardians and children and those not on our programmes. We had one couple who had misunderstandings between themselves, fought and this resulted into separation and they have ten children but to make this story short we have reconciled that family and they are staying together and that is our joy.

Martin’s family

All our children El-Shadda, El-Shalom and El-Elionm Mwesigwas’ have been very sick suffering from typhoid this Christmas season it was not very easy for our family.

Giving out food

This month we were able to give out 360kg of maize coin to some families and they were grateful for the food each family got

Visiting families

We have been conducting home visits and we managed to reach nine homes in those homes, we managed to visited that week only three families which were doing well in the family of Kasega Marther and her sister Nabirye Flavia they appreciated so much for all the support which they are receiving from River Valley Church through Kids Uganda to Luuka and also they appreciate Martin and Faith for counseling their daughter Marion who is married to a certain guy in Kampala but through the counseling we shared to her she has agreed to join a Nursing course and shs is at school very happy and appreciating so much for the idea we gave her.


As Luuka kids we are very grateful to God who have enabled us to reach this far and we are very grateful to our dear partnership in this Ministry especially River Valley Church , all the Board Members, Senior Pastors and all the members for every support you are sent us to come to the end of the year 2017 .

May the Lord of Heaven and earth richly reward you.