Kaliro K.I.D.S.


The Kaliro K.I.D.S. Rescue Unit — Kaliro resides in the Kamuli District of Uganda located half way between Lake Victoria (the worlds second largest body of fresh water……..only Lake Superior is larger) and Lake Nakuwa (which is little more than a water reservoir used by bordering villages). It is some 35 miles north  of Iganga where a “sister unit” and SonShine Christian Secondary are located. It’s topography, is very similar to most other units; land is farmed by the people in the region primarily for their own personal family needs. Rice, Maize, Cassava, Sweet Potatoes, Peanuts, and Sugar Cane are major crops grown to sustain life in this region, though other vegetables are also grown (if seeds can be purchased by the farmer for his family). 
Like most countries that rely heavily on local food production, Uganda is at the mercy of the weather. Under ideal conditions, two major growing seasons occur each year. However, much of Uganda, Kenya and S. Sudan are experiencing extreme drought conditions which is creating a famine crisis that has not been seen in decades. Because of shortages of rain, crops planted have failed now for two successive planting seasons. Hardship for a people who already survive on what they can produce with the toil of their hands is going to be multiplied throughout the end of 2016 and likely much of 2017. Very difficult decisions will have to be made relative to the funds sent to Uganda via our Orphan Sponsorship Program. While education is at the top of our priority list for children………..if there is no food for survival, there is little need for school fees, pens, notebooks and school uniforms. With a Kids in Uganda theme  of “From desperation to hope”, undoubtedly, PRAYER needs to be added to our slogan.

News and Immediate Needs

Kaliro Rescue Unit needs a new Bore Hole for water — $2,000.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for  the good health in my family.
Pray for Njubo David to concentrate at school.

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The Kaliro Staff

Andrew and Speciyoza

Photos from Kaliro

Kaliro District is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda. It was created out of the eastern part of Kamuli District in 2006. Kaliro is the site of the district headquarters.

 In 2012, the population of Kaliro District was estimated at 216,500.



It has been a little bit harder for one to perform to the expected mark though much was done but not to the dot hence coming up with what you can view now our dear ones over there. This has been so, following the chronic hindrances especially of health that have sent two of our guardians to be with the lord and others admitted for a week and more. With observation, we have realized that these sicknesses get contagious like from the heads flowing down to the least and therefore we have had 95 per cent falling victims of the cough, flu and worse was malaria though sleeping under the mosquito nets. We have followed up and found that since these kids share beds, due to the size of the room that they sleep in, most of them sleep three and the ones that sleep at the sides go to the edge of the net hence the mosquitoes getting a near space to fix in their proboscis to rich them and inject into them to suck of the blood hence malaria after two weeks. During our home visits we have realised more room for them kids not to squeeze themselves in one tent as a need but costly to meet. We have also come up with fumigating the houses as well as spraying and cheaply keeping a way the tall grasses by slashing. With the purchased drugs, we have been able to handle the rest of the minor medical cases that were presented or we came across.


As far as health is concerned, we happened to have medical outreach in one of the sub counties of our operation and the goal was reach out to Christ and later give medical assistance of which the most outstanding was the reading glasses having shown a greater need over this way. We rode on the bike the three of us and reached earlier than the natives but later we started receiving one by one till we had many of them. By the end of the day we had bit two birds with the same rock as 4 people gave their lives to Christ as well as having attended to 42 people with eye problem by giving them the eye glasses and council. This was one of its kinds, a day away from home serving and experiencing the need beyond home.


Surely it has been a time of lack financially and most of them students have been always on the road to hunt back for the school fees. Most of the crops are ripe and less a week to be harvested and most of the guardians are on this wait then harvest to clear part of their school due. With our big balance at son shine, we have always done our part and they have really helped us to keep them at school and with this we will so mean not to say thank you guys as we are proud of you. With enough scholastic materials put in place, we were able to pay 1,200,000 shs for 14 students this month and looking forward to do more to the rest. Though we were not able to pay for everyone at school this month at least we were able to visit all the schools and see the progress of our toil. We took time to find out from the teachers how to help these little ones to have a good success. This is so good as the teachers wonder how we care for the kids more than their own people as they say that they have hardly seen the parents of these kids having such a concern. This school visiting activity has improved the performance and the zeal to keep at school as most of them can almost tell how their future will look like Though sometimes discouraged, we have always been picked up by the word of God your once refresher camp teachings that have kept our cups full and rivers flowing. Following the increased standard of living, most schools have hiked the dues and scholastic gone up hence failing us to hit the nail on the head. This has brought up the issue of some guardian failing to hit the mark.


With the few visible signs of harvesting as the harvest seems plenty but the crops still ripening, we have had the prices of food stuff go down but again on the other side it is affecting them that have to sell such that they pay fees since this is the only means of raising school fees. Kaliro has suffered lack of food because of such as it has become the order of the region. Back to the point, we have been able to hold three camps having games, Bible teaching, Work in the gardens and cleaning the compound and by also planting grass and giving the compound a new look though it might take time to show up as well as funs and Letter writing.


With the much efforts made to reach all the homes, we could see that the maize seeds we gave out can now be roasted but we told multiply the seed and plant bigger portions. The pig projects given to them kids are doing well as our fellow worker has been drenching the last week as it was reported that they needed to. We have seen an increased pace of cleanliness besides only two homes with collapsed pit latrine that need immediate help that was not there by then since all the funds had been allocated responsibility. As planned, we were able to but 20 solar lights not yet given out as we need to add them up till they are enough for everyone to walk away with one. Besides, we had to purchase some food for families that don’t have enough land to sustain the family members though we gave out some portions of land to till. These are doing well as one of them had to force us receive some food from her garden after getting much. We thank God that the community can feel HIS touch through what he is doing in us over this way.


  1. Pray for the good health in the entire unit.
  2. Security in the community (kidnaping).
  3. God’s wisdom in all things.

Thank you and May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands to keep you blessing us too.

All from Andrew, Spe and Ronald,

…………….Kaliro Kids