Kaliro K.I.D.S.


The Kaliro K.I.D.S. Rescue Unit — Kaliro resides in the Kamuli District of Uganda located half way between Lake Victoria (the worlds second largest body of fresh water……..only Lake Superior is larger) and Lake Nakuwa (which is little more than a water reservoir used by bordering villages). It is some 35 miles north  of Iganga where a “sister unit” and SonShine Christian Secondary are located. It’s topography, is very similar to most other units; land is farmed by the people in the region primarily for their own personal family needs. Rice, Maize, Cassava, Sweet Potatoes, Peanuts, and Sugar Cane are major crops grown to sustain life in this region, though other vegetables are also grown (if seeds can be purchased by the farmer for his family). 
Like most countries that rely heavily on local food production, Uganda is at the mercy of the weather. Under ideal conditions, two major growing seasons occur each year. However, much of Uganda, Kenya and S. Sudan are experiencing extreme drought conditions which is creating a famine crisis that has not been seen in decades. Because of shortages of rain, crops planted have failed now for two successive planting seasons. Hardship for a people who already survive on what they can produce with the toil of their hands is going to be multiplied throughout the end of 2016 and likely much of 2017. Very difficult decisions will have to be made relative to the funds sent to Uganda via our Orphan Sponsorship Program. While education is at the top of our priority list for children………..if there is no food for survival, there is little need for school fees, pens, notebooks and school uniforms. With a Kids in Uganda theme  of “From desperation to hope”, undoubtedly, PRAYER needs to be added to our slogan.

News and Immediate Needs

Kaliro Rescue Unit needs a new Bore Hole for water — $2,000.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for  the good health in my family.
Pray for Njubo David to concentrate at school.

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The Kaliro Staff

Andrew and Speciyoza

Photos from Kaliro

Kaliro District is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda. It was created out of the eastern part of Kamuli District in 2006. Kaliro is the site of the district headquarters.

 In 2012, the population of Kaliro District was estimated at 216,500.



Having gone through the thick and thin of food shortage in the past months, we are now experiencing a second harvest and it is only a few that have settled on a plot that has been occupied by the residential house that they live in who have no food though they are few and also helped by those that acquired food as well as ourselves. As a result we have seen peace, joy and good health in the families that were malnourished. Most of the activity now is the wholesome harvest of the sweet potatoes and spend the whole day pealing them and slice them to be dried in the sun as it is surely a dry season. These sliced sweet potatoes have been done in plenty as it is the order of the day under shades. When they have completely dried, they and packed in sacks and kept in the store as ready food. The year has ended well as everyone celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ. However this month has had lots in each category as schools closed on different dates according to the administration and as Kaliro Kids we have done our best to see ends meet though some did not. We paid fees in all primary schools to zero balance as everyone got their report card with most promotions to the next level giving us the moral to happily support them. Enough scholastic materials were provided since without them some lessons cannot be understood easily like sciences as well as art subjects. In the 27 schools of which the 3 are high schools and the 24 primary schools we have had 4 that finished primary seven and 7 that finished senior four of which the 6 were at Son shine High one at Bright Future secondary. Hopes of success are at a higher peak especially for them at high schools this is due to how much time and resources we have invested in them and we cannot really wait to taste on our toil at the end of the year. Through counselling we are grateful that the stubborn fellows like David sat their final exam after being suspended from school twice this year thank you for your fervent prayers since all the way back from home there are forces that have never allowed them beyond the s.4 class but with God all things are possible once we believe.


Having had an idea of the unit shirts and we did not have funds to purchase them at once, we have been saving each month until we came to this good colourful day and had each of the kids get dressed in the unit wear. We have so much longed for this but thanks for your continued support that broke the backbone of this burden. Our kids look dissent and remembered and this makes Kaliro again more responsible as were some of the thanks comments from the guardians. This same day we had fans, games and no one expected anything it just looked like any other camping day. We as well gave out Jelly to each child and a piece of soap. We had no leakage of information and we wanted to taste them on attendance but only 22 were absent with apology. Thank you River Valley for denying self and decide to help those of Kaliro Kids.

Since this category covers a wider range of this, we have made sure homes have been reached and talked to given the advantage that we are now three chasing the same bird and we have seen it wounded and work accomplished in time and well in the 93 families three to four times a month. In so doing we came to this family that had some misunderstandings between themselves and fought in this case the husband got a brick and struck the wife on the scalp causing a deep wound as shown in the pictures below. This was around 9.00am but we got to know this at 7.00pm when we were coming back from the kids open air crusade. Painfully it was still bleeding and we had to put right our bones to save this life as losing it was the next hour. We immediately called the local leader and then the doctor that resides from this same village but at government facility as he advised us to go to the hospital to treat from there though he was not on duty. Glory is to God that this lady is improving and promising. As well we had a small eggplant garden that we have been harvesting from and got three kids that have been dropping the coins in the container for some time and at the end when we broke it had shillings 126000. We have given this money to 12 kids to go and buy clothes for themselves and this has made this lot look nice for Christmas since they have not always had enough clothing but like rags. We are glad that with the much cassava when harvested will do more and get us to greater things than these.

Sunday school teacher spe with the good notes given by you has come a resolution this month with a high demand of them kids for doing a crusade and guess what it was so possible that the kids preached the word for two day with the help of the local church machines and four adults got saved and 19 more kids added to the flock of Jesus Christ. This was their initiative during the Christmas time and we got them some candy and balloons to easily interact with their fellow kids well. It was so godly and good to see kids praising the lord, worshiping and boldly preaching and as a whole 23 people received Christ the four adults and the 19 kids. We appreciate for the good Sunday school materials that you sent getting us this far. As well the adults also had a one week’s seminar and crusade that left the devil wounded after the 34 people accepting Christ this week and many that had been bound were delivered as the devil was screaming while getting out of people’s lives and Jesus entering with peace in them.

As far as health is concerned, we have not had any much complication this month compared to the previous and less was spent on using the only available drugs that we had purchased.