Iganga K.I.D.S.

Located just 50 miles west of Kenya in the south central region of Uganda, Iganga K.I.D.S. is situated in a rather unique environment: it is located on the campus of SonShine Christian Secondary School. It is a 60 minute drive to the small town of Iganga along small, mostly unimproved roads that, during the rainy season, are nearly impassable to any vehicle other than  motor cycles. Kids, both orphan’s and students regularly must walk 5-10 miles each way to the facility. It is one of the most remote sites that we manage. It therefore presents unique challenges for our facilitators and care givers. While the normal transportation mode is “one step in front of the other”, insuring that our orphan kids are being both seen and cared for is challenging. Perhaps more than anything else, a large bus, or van that could serve both orphan  and student is  needed to improve both care and consistent attendance. 

News and Immediate Needs

The kids shelter needs to be plastered, and benches need to be made — $500.
“The orphans did receive the scholastic materials since they have started school.
We did follow-up just to find out one school attendance. At school most of the pupils would dodge school in search of mangoes. We are grateful to God at least there is something to eat.”
“In our subcounty the government setting up a technical school to equip the young people with practical skills. We do thank God for that since that has been our desire for most of the children.”
Prayer Requests:
–Thanksgiving for the guardians’ house.
–Pray for wisdom and understanding for both us facilitators and guardians plus orphans.
–Pray for more provision of good housing for orphans.
–Salvation orphans, guardians and the community at large.
–Pray for rain
Patrick Mulange

The Iganga Staff

Patrick Mulange

Photos from Iganga

Iganga District is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda. The town of Iganga is the site of the district headquarters.

In 2012, the population of Iganga District was estimated at approximately 499,600.

Iganga District has the highest percentage of Muslims in Uganda.


We thank God for this month of June that has just started, we thank Him for life, provision and more so the gift of salvation.


We were able to visit 28 homes and in these homes we were welcomed with roosted and boiled maize and mangoes because it is what the guardians were able to give us since it’s in plenty. The situation is not as bad as it was because some people have harvested ground nuts, beans, tomatoes, mention but a few.

We thank God for the children’s going to school without being forced, for we requested teachers to be writing the kids ‘names every day and we collect these name on Fridays so that on Saturdays we read the names on the lists and when one’s name does not appear on every list they have to tell us why they didn’t attend school and this system has made the children to attend school every day and also the guardians have encouraged the children to go to school regularly. We had some gifts for the ones who attend school every other day. It is interesting that kids wouldn’t miss coming for the weekend camp but they would dodge going to school.

We registered 15 children who were sick, and gave to ten (10) medicines at the base and the other five were taken to hospital including Stella who had wounds on her head and now we are treating the inner wounds. Just to mention something about Stella the parents had separated and the father claimed that, she wasn’t his child. We have been doing counseling as well as preaching to the man. He hasn’t accepted Christ yet though he is attending church of which he used not to. We thank God they are now together and according to the doctor’s report he said she still has some internal wounds that would heal slowly.

We had a week end camp on Saturday and we had eighty-seven children who turned up some who didn’t come were in primary seven and senior fours who study on Saturdays; We had games, we had one on one talk ‘we did some garden work of planting bananas ‘there after we did our devotion it is a blessing seeing children get more committed to God’s word. At least ten recommitted their lives to Christ. We had lunch and then dismissed them.


In this week by God’s grace we were able to visit 28 homes and 10 schools we thank God that the children were fine and studying well and teachers are so appreciative for the support given the children. It is not raining much.

The crops have yielded good and we thank God for the yield. This included tomatoes of which we gave to 5 guardians who are now selling and making a profit of five thousand shillings on daily bases.

We are grateful to God for the seeds we gave out to guardians they have good returns. For the ground nut, we planted twenty kilo grams and harvested five sucks of dried g-nuts which is about 175 kilo grams when un shelled. For beans we gave out forty kilograms and they harvested about two hundred kilograms. We are yet to see the maize since it hasn’t yet been harvested.

We also gave out onions to two guardians and one is likely to harvest two sacks whereas the other one the soil that he planted on was not good for onions but she will still harvest glory to God and thanks for the funds for the seeds.

In this week we had 18 cases of flu, cough, cold of which all of them were given medicine, and as we report they are fine beside that we had one case of malaria which we had to take to the hospital of which she was admitted for three days. That happened early this week and she is recovering.

We had two week end camps Saturday and Sunday and the number that turned up was seventy children for Saturday and fifty children for Sunday. We had games, we planted bananas, and we also had one on one talk, devotion and then lunch.

We did also letter writing and kids where so happy to write to the sponsors and they can’t wait to hear from them.


We had a guardian’s seminar and the main purpose of the seminar was to teach them on the child growth the different stages of growing which leads to how to relate with the teenagers. As we did the dialog so many issues were brought up and some solutions found. We count it a blessing.

By God’s grace we able to visit 30 homes and the guardians are busy harvesting maize, millet and many more for sure the harvest has been good this time and we here the maize might cost five hundred shilling per kilo and we would love if there were some funds to buy the maize and store and after a short time it will raise up. We have been encouraging our guardians not to sell of their maize but several can’t avoid since it is their only source of income.

We also visited 10 schools and guided the children to write the letters to their sponsors. One of the boys had a problem of rushes around his private part and Patrick took him to Buluba hospital. That is a private hospital.


In this week we visited 15 homes and also visited seven schools continuing with the letter writing.

We had a week camp and we had up to ninety children who turned up for the week end. We had one on one talk and several things were addressed this included the performance at school.

During our talk we realized that they would do better but since they go to school hungry and they stay hungry the whole day that has contributed a lot to their poor performance. We were able to pay almost all the money required but we didn’t give them maize for their feeding at school.

We lost one of our guardians and it was so hard for the orphan. We at least comforted him and promised to be there for him.

We also had to spray at least thirty homes to get rid of bedbugs flies and chicken might. We are grateful to God at least with jiggers we are about to get to zero percent.

We thank God for the food he has provided though we gave some food to at least fifteen families.


One of our girls called Sophie who did hair dressing and graduated in February this year was called back to the school she did the course and given a job of being a hair dresser teacher, we thank God for that achievement. And this was because of your support thanks a lot for supporting her. Just to let you know that so many great things are happening with the funds you give. May God richly bless thee!

Prayer Requests:

  • Salvation to those who are not born again
  • Safety of the children as they go to school, come for the week end camps and going back home.
  • God’s provision
  • Good health
  • Wisdom knowledge and understanding.


Reported by Martha and Patrick.