Iganga K.I.D.S.

Located just 50 miles west of Kenya in the south central region of Uganda, Iganga K.I.D.S. is situated in a rather unique environment: it is located on the campus of SonShine Christian Secondary School. It is a 60 minute drive to the small town of Iganga along small, mostly unimproved roads that, during the rainy season, are nearly impassable to any vehicle other than  motor cycles. Kids, both orphan’s and students regularly must walk 5-10 miles each way to the facility. It is one of the most remote sites that we manage. It therefore presents unique challenges for our facilitators and care givers. While the normal transportation mode is “one step in front of the other”, insuring that our orphan kids are being both seen and cared for is challenging. Perhaps more than anything else, a large bus, or van that could serve both orphan  and student is  needed to improve both care and consistent attendance. 

News and Immediate Needs

The kids shelter needs to be plastered, and benches need to be made — $500.
“The orphans did receive the scholastic materials since they have started school.
We did follow-up just to find out one school attendance. At school most of the pupils would dodge school in search of mangoes. We are grateful to God at least there is something to eat.”
“In our subcounty the government setting up a technical school to equip the young people with practical skills. We do thank God for that since that has been our desire for most of the children.”
Prayer Requests:
–Thanksgiving for the guardians’ house.
–Pray for wisdom and understanding for both us facilitators and guardians plus orphans.
–Pray for more provision of good housing for orphans.
–Salvation orphans, guardians and the community at large.
–Pray for rain
Patrick Mulange

The Iganga Staff

Patrick Mulange

Photos from Iganga

Iganga District is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda. The town of Iganga is the site of the district headquarters.

In 2012, the population of Iganga District was estimated at approximately 499,600.

Iganga District has the highest percentage of Muslims in Uganda.


We are humble to report to you that we are grateful for your support and we thank God for that.

We have been busy with so many things. These included the camps, the Christmas celebration as well as visitations.

To start with we had to take at least two children for medication this included the one of the girl who had wounds all over the head we reported about and another girl. At least the wounds are healing and the mother is very happy about it. We had some time to talk to both the father and the mother the father was appreciative for the services we rendered to the child but he still denies her.

We also had to give her some food that was sugar rice and a kilo of meat since it was Christmas season. She felt very privileged saying that God has remember her after so long.

We still attended to other sickness which we handled at the base this included the wounds on the legs and even cough and flu

We also took another girl for medication this one had malaria and as we report she is fine. At least we visited her at their home and we took for them some Christmas packaged thou we did it after Christmas. This wasn’t the only home we also visited other homes as we took them some food. We at least visited five homes and out of this we had three guardians confessed Christ as Lord.

It was timely that God lead us to this homes as we told them it is all about sharing and we shared with them since God encourages sharing. They really glorified God and thank Him for you. This was Christmas of its kind and we bless God for that.

It started with us the facilitators when our director invited us to come together and he shared with us a meal and a word of thanks as well as encouragement. This was a good gesture and we had to take it down and by so doing we had three souls accept Christ.

We had our children (45) forty five attend camp and they learnt a lot of things. We were grateful since we were the unit that hosted the camp. It was a blessing also to have other children from other rescue units. They were blessing to us since our children got chance of seeing their fellow children from other units.

They also had a skill of baking and they ate a cake baked by them for the first time ever and it was a great deal. Last year they leant about jelly making and cooking mandazi this time they learnt on how to bake. Mostly our children know that cakes are brought and not baked. They saw a reality come true. They really had fun doing it and they enjoyed thanks a lot.

Three of our children gave their lives to Christ. Oh how we praise God for salvation. Thanks a lot for the support God Bless.

Well as we end this year we are grateful for all the support you offered to us this year. For sure this year was really a hard one since there was not enough rain leading to drought. We pray that God would richly bless you. Just to mention some few:

  • with your support orphans where able to get a house
  • With your support orphans where able to get clothes
  • With your support over seventy two people accepted Christ.
  • With your support more than five hundred families got food and were saved from starving.
  • With your support over two hundred kids went to school.
  • With your support over three hundred people received reading glasses, sight was restored.
  • With your support several families have been rejoined together.

Well we have several kids who sat for their final exams and some might be recommended for practical skills and this require quite much more than the universal education. Therefore we humbly request that you constantly pray with us to be able to achieve this.

Prayer Requests:

  • Thanksgiving for the success of the camp.
  • Thanksgiving for the healing.
  • Pray for the three who confessed Christ for spiritual growth.
  • Pray for continual spiritual growth for both us facilitators and orphans and guardians and the community at large.
  • Pray for the ones who sat for their final exams for Gods provision since they need to go for skills which is a bit costly.