Bukedea K.I.D.S.

The Bukedea K.I.D.S. Rescue Unit — Bukedea Kids is our “farthest-out” unit. Located some 70 miles from Kenya, but north of Iganga, it is every bit a 4 hour drive from Jinja where our in-country National Director resides. At least monthly, all of our facilitators must travel to that location to deliver weekly reports, balance monthly expenditures, and receive funding to pay for school fees and materials, requisite meds,  (for example malaria, typhoid etc), food, clothing, shelter and other life-enhancing supplies for both orphan and care giver. 
All but one of our Rescue Units is without electrical power, so any needs for lighting, cell phone charging or other power requirements are gotten from either limited solar cells or, “done without”. Because most units are located essentially on the equator, sunrise and sunset are both consistent and predictable.  Consequently, any kinds of outside chores requiring lights (like feeding chickens or goats or pigs (If that unit in fact has them) are done with candles or small kerosene lanterns. Small solar Luci-Lights continue to be a priority need for most of our orphans in this area, since both candles and kerosene represent no small expense. Average family daily income for Uganda is around $1.00 per day.

News and Immediate Needs

Bukedea Rescue Unit needs a large black holding tank to store water. Installed with tank — $800.


  • God’s protection over our lives and property since there is insecurity and theft in the place.
  • knowledge, wisdom and understanding.
  • salvation of guardians, children and our relatives.
  • Good health for prince.

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Charles & Rebecca

The Bukedea Staff

Charles and Rebecca

Photos from Bukedea

The Bukedea District is a district in the Eastern Region of Uganda. The town of Bukedea is the site of the district headquarters. The population of the Bukedea District is approximately 186,000.

The town of Bukedea is situated on the main highway (A-109) between Mbale and Soroti. It is approximately 80 kilometres (50 mi), by road, southeast of Soroti, the largest city in Teso sub-region. This is approximately 250 kilometres (160 mi), by road, northeast of Kampala, the capital of Uganda and its largest city.


Warm greetings to everybody over that side. Thanks goes to the almighty God who has seen us through this month of December, we say Ebenezer.


We praise God for this week that enabled us to carry out our visits. The home visitations have been so success full this week, we have been able to visit 28 homes in the village of Akuoro, Akero, Gwaramoti , Okichira and Oupei. These visitations have been really a blessing to both the unit and the families we meet during these visitation, we encouraged parents to take care of their children since its going to be along holiday. We also encouraged them to have some time for their children not to send them to distant relatives where they can get peer groups that will spoil them.

This week on 5th December 2017 Son shine students came back home for holidays, we thank God for the better performance showed up by our students. All our students performed very well ie we had two students taking the first position in their streams.

On the 5th Charles left for Jinja to submit in office documents as we were informed a day before. He had good journey mercies and left for Iganga (Sun shine) to pay some debts as it’s the end of term and the school is still demanding its balances.

This very week, on 1st private schools have closed their end of term three 2017, we thank God for the improvement in performance of some other schools.

Through private schools have got holidays, governments have started their exams this very week. We reached these schools when both teachers and children very busy with exams and they are getting holidays next week on 8th. These schools include Akuoro primary school, Kokutu primary school, Bukedea secondary school and Suula primary school. The administrators are exited with what Kids Uganda is doing and encouraged and requested for more children next year. However we thank for this week on the side of heath, we didn’t have any case, people are still requesting for registration of their children in to the project.

We are expecting a camp next week on 9th and believe God for a good turn up of the children and weather.


By Gods grace, we were able to attend some schools annual general meetings this week.

These schools include Eliza and Janet p/s, Kokutu primary school and Glory p/s. during these meetings, schools promised to work with us and to support us in rising of children; they also promised to add more effort to see that there is a great improvement in children’s performance next year

This week we bought 100 basins making a total of 176 which we are going to give as Christmas gifts to all children to enable them utilize in bathing and washing clothes at home.

We also gave out 6 pieces of reading glasses. Indeed these glasses have really helped people who had lost hope with with reading more so bible and people just praise KIDS for the heart they have, people are still looking help for the registration of children/ orphans.

Our home visitation this week was very successful. We managed to visit 18 homes in the villages of Kokutu, Suula, Aloet. Okolimeri and Kamon. Since all children are at home we had enough time to interact with both parties. We encouraged children to help their parents with work both a home and in gardens, respect them not only their parents but all people. We also told the parents to teach and raise their children in Godly fearing children such that in future they will never be problems to them.

On 9th we conducted a weakened camp, we thank God for the turn up were 165 children attended and the weather was so pleasing. On this day, lots of things were done i.e. clearing of the compound enough time of fellowship, they brought new songs they have learned from schools, we had time for classes, they were taught learnt how to fear God respect for elders and how to keep themselves pure. Later in the day we had lunch and they left at 5:30pm.

During this day we had some counseling to the teenagers since all of them are back from school. We also treated some children with wounds and gave them some surplus.

The place is very dry and the greens have started withering off but we believe for some changes by God’s will.

Through the place is dry people have not given up with weeding of their crops like cassava.

However we had 4 children reported to be sick this week these include Ademun Agnes, Apio Sarah, Akello Norah, Olupot Ivan they got some first aid and Glory be to God that they were all fine.


This week we managed to visit 20homes of Aputiput , Oukiyo, Kocheka,Okobwa and Apang. These families were so excited to see us and they are busy preparing for Christmas which is around the corner.

We had enough time with the parents and still we encouraged them to love their children, support and motivate them in every good thing they do.

This week we are preparing children to go to Iganga for a camp which will start on 17. We hope to send six children that side since last year’s camp was a blessing to us and the children. Many came back changed and that’s we are expecting this year still we also gave out 6 pieces of reading glasses to the people of Ngora and Mbale.

As some children are going for a youth camp, we had to conduct a weekend camp on 16th this was the day we had our charismas party as those going for the will go up to 23rd, we had good time with them, we had classes and the lunch. We invited a doctor who had also enough time with them, telling / teaching them how to keep their bodies clean. Later we had lunch and we gave those basins and all 176 children got one, pieces of soap to help them clean their bodies and clothes. They were given T-shirts for the projects for easy identification since the first one had won out.

During this week, four children gave their lives to Christ we pray that they can be strengthened in Christ, On the 17th we sent children for the youth camp to Iganga (Sunshine ) as we reported earlier. We took 6 children and believe that they will come back on 23rd changed spiritually.

People are busy moving up and down preparing them serves for the birth of Jesus Christ next week. However we registered two cases of sick children in this week ie Adong Jenifer and Obore James, they had flue, cough and wounds. They were treated and responded very first to the treatment and per now they are fine, next week we shall be heading to Jinja as Brother Collins informed / wanted to meet us on 23rd, We would like to wish a merry X-mass from the bottom of our hearts.


On the 23rd children who went for the youth camp came back safely. They were awarded certificates and came back differently. Indeed they are serving as examples in the community and guardians are promising next time to give us more children.

This week, prices for everything have risen due to Christmas. Transport have doubled e.g. from Jinja to Mbale is 20,000/= which was 10,000/=. Food prices have hiked like rice that used to be 3,000/= is now 4,000/=

This was the very week we travelled to Jinja that was on 23rd to meet Collins. Indeed it was a good fellowship were all the facilitators met. We had a good fellowship were all the staffs prayed together and had lunch this indeed was a blessing for all of us to meet because it had been long since we met more so the women. Thanks goes to our country director Collins for the good heart he has towards we facilitators.

After the fellowship at 5:00pm we set off for Bukedea since we had left children home, we travelled well and reached home at midnight when everybody is a sleep.

On the 25th the long a waited visitor i.e. Christmas was celebrated Christians foaled in churches to worship and praise the living God for Christ’s birth. We as a family, we had a colorful day and we praise God for his perfection right from last year’s charismas to this year’s 2017. We didn’t register any case of injustice during this day.

On the 26th we managed to visit some homes and see how people celebrated their day. We visited homes in Kamon village, Okobwa village and Akunyuko. During this visit we took time sharing the word of God with the parents, encouraging and consoling them.

They had their day (Christmas) colorful and we encouraged them to take care of their children and to save for next year, such that by the time children go back to school they are ready to send them/ take them back since they are prepared.

We encouraged the children to obey their parents as the bible starts clearly to “Honor your father and Mother so that your days are added” Prayers, we received 3 guardians asking for the registration of their children.

However, we registered 3 children who felt sick during this season they developed diarrhea due to over eating, we treated them and they are all fine.

Generally we thank God for December the month it has been so blessing to us.

On the side of construction, the house is now on roofing level and we thank God for that level and the support you have rendered.

The pit for the latrine is also done only waiting for the block to be raised on the pit. We have also got some pieces of timber though they are not enough but we have a starting point.

People we are so grateful for Kids Uganda and river valley church at large for the endeavors and support you have rendered to us indeed it’s not easy but you accepted us the way we are throughout the year.





  • God’s protection throughout the year.
  • Thanks to the achievements we have made within 2017.
  • Love and unity among the children and parents.
  • Salvation of both our parents and guardians in the community.
  • God’s knowledge, wisdom and understanding.